4 things to pray for before you start your day


Prayer before you start your day is essential, covered in Start your Day Right.

If you like to pray but get stuck on what to pray about especially before you start your day, see 4 things to pray for before you start your day.

Prayer of Gratitude

Be grateful to the giver of life that you are alive.

Thank God for the miracle of sleeping and waking, for watching over you and your family during the night.

Be grateful for the opportunity of a brand new day.

Prayer for Grace

Pray for grace to do all you have to do and to be focused.

Prayer for Guidance

Ask God for guidance, direction and wisdom and to guide you in the right path.

Prayer for God’s Goodness & Mercy

Pray that you will experience God’s goodness and mercy.

There’s no doubt that we need God in our lives and prayer opens up the communication line to God.

Praying these simple but powerful prayers regularly and consistently will certainly bring the changes and improvements you are seeking in your life.

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