4 Ways to Move Forward in 2020

4 ways to move forward in 2020

It’s a new year, let’s consider 4 ways to move forward in 2020.

2020 is here!

We must move forward and here are 4 ways to help us: Gratitude, Get down with Christ, Get off your past, Get ready.

As I write it’s 9am on the first day of a New Decade, a New Year, and a New Month.

I thank God for the ideas and insights to write the 4 ways to move forward in 2020.

It’s a New Day, a New Dawn and a New Season.

I just woke up after catching a few hours sleep.
I prayed and danced my way into the new year at the watchnight service which started at 10 pm on 31 December 2019.

At exactly 12 midnight I was ushering in the New Year in the presence of God with my wonderful Hackbridge Family.

I got home at 2.45 am feeling excited but exhausted. I got into bed at 3.30 am and woke up at 8.30 am with a smile.

I looked out the window and I’m certain 2020 is going to be a great year. The feeling is awesome. I can’t explain it fully in words but I’m telling you, things are going to be different.

This is it – I’m moving forward in 2020. That’s it!
You are probably saying, yea, go ahead or maybe ‘who cares’ or ‘what’s it got to do with me’?

I’ll tell you what it’s got to do with you, you are moving forward with me in 2020.

We are doing it together, I’ll drag you if I have to, I’ll shout it from the roof top if I have to, I’ll keep writing every day and every night if I have to, but the bottom line is that you are moving with me in 2020.

Enough is enough.

Things must change for good. Listen – hear me and hear me well!
Yes – you and you too – including myself Ayoola.

This is what we have to do. It’s starts with what I heard at the service yesterday which was a powerful and profound sermon.

“It’s not the one who draws the sword that wins, it’s the one who puts it back”.

Did you get that?

So to move forward in 2020 and get back to the future, let’s consider these 4 very important things that we must do.


Be grateful to God for life and for this moment. Be grateful all the time, anytime and every time.

We can’t stop being grateful and thanking God, and it’s impossible to thank God enough.

Get down with Christ

You know something, sometimes I wonder how others will feel and what they will say or how it would look if I mention Jesus Christ in my blogs, book etc.

So I’m going to deal with that right now; without Jesus, there’s no me. Without God I am nothing. I have a story because of God!

I cannot and should not leave God out of the equation. He is the reason I am balanced. No apologies to anyone.

Since attending the 12 week Alpha course from September 2019, I have a better understanding of why I am here and who I am. Therefore, I must give credit to whom credit is due and that’s Jesus. There’s no me without You Jesus.

Back to the point – Get down with Christ.

The vehicle you need to get into, in order to move forward in 2020 is called Jesus Christ.

Remember the Back to the Future movie – that was the analogy used by Pastor Bayo Olufemi to explain it during his teaching yesterday.

I love the explanation and I may watch that movie again actually. I saw it previously, many years ago and as I sat there listening to him, I was trying hard to remember the name of the main actor – Michael – but his surname escaped me. I could not dwell too much on it as there were other important matters at that point to deal with – i.e. listening to the sermon. So, yes I loved the way Pastor Bayo explained it using the ‘Back to the Future’ movie so I would like to watch it again at some point.

You need Jesus – the vehicle for moving forward, for help with that – crosswalk.com

You can’t make it on foot!

For me, I need to up my game and get down with Christ, i.e. get to know Him more.


By just consistently and daily reading the Bible and praying.

Let me tell you the main and most important thing I plan to do, and now that I have said it, I just have to and I will because I’m down with Christ my helper. It is to Read the Bible in one year. Why don’t you join me?

Get off your past

Don’t look back.

2019 is gone, it’s in the past, it’s history.

Forget the hurt, pain, disappointments, frustrations and tears.

It’s time to move forward into something better and bigger.

It’s a brand New Year.

You are here and present in 2020.

Don’t let the past stop you, don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

We cannot change the past or can you? The answer will always be no.
We cannot go to the past to correct some things.

So why waste now worrying about something you can do nothing about. Use the time and energy to do something now about what you can do something about – the future.
Forget the past, look toward and move toward the great things awaiting you.

Forget the past, let go and let God.

Don’t dwell on the past, it’s all behind you now.

The more you move, the further away your past gets from you.

Just keep moving.

Don’t stop to look back.

Keep pressing toward the goal.

Make a decision to move forward.

Take action to propel yourself forward.

Get Ready

Are you aware that there will be challenges, obstacles, distractions, along the way? Unfortunately so.

You must therefore equip yourself to overcome.
The first thing is to know that challenges will come, I do not know when or in what form; but knowing helps to be prepared.

It could be as simple as you doubting yourself and getting discouraged.

As simple as it sounds or it appears to be, it’s enough to stop you if you let it. So make sure you are aware when such things start to creep in. Stand strong and stand firm and don’t tolerate it.

Deal with it so it doesn’t throw you off balance when it comes or knocks you to the ground.
Trust Gods word, which states that He will go ahead and make crooked places straight.

Welcome to 2020 – Lets Move Forward Together

2020 is going to be a great year.

It can only be progress from now on. Seriously!

These 4 ways to move forward in 2020 are important to help us all on our journey this year, this decade and beyond.

It is also a leap year and I’m super excited. Any guesses why?


It’s also the beginning of a New Decade.

Only wonderful things await us and I’m looking forward to be pleasantly surprised all the way.

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