5 Ways to create Balance During Lockdown

5 ways to create Balance during Lockdown
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This post identifies 5 ways to create Balance during the lockdown.

Balance means something different to everyone, but we all need peace and harmony in our lives.

Balance tends to shift in situations such as the one we are currently facing globally due to COVID-19 Pandemic. We are all in social-isolation due to restrictions resulting from COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused some imbalance in life.

It’s important, however to recover our equilibrium and become calm and steady so we can get through this challenging time together. 5 ways to create Balance during lockdown is discussed below.

Finding Balance During Lockdown or Quarantine

1. Routine

  • Establish a routine suitable to your current situation and be consistent.
  • Your routine will depend on whether you are still going to work, working from home, or not working at all.
  • Have a dedicated workspace if working from home – that allows you to be creative and focused. See working from home tips.
  • Give yourself a break, pace yourself, stretch, and take meal breaks and most importantly move more.
  • Stay connected with others – professional colleagues, friends and family.
  • Set boundaries – with work; and social media (which can be inspiring and informative and well as disturbing and distracting).
  • Morning routines are crucial to how your day turns out.

2. Resilience

  • Fear not: Talk to God about your concerns
  • Speak with appropriate people or support group if necessary. Tap into available resources to help address your specific issues.
  • Focus on things you can control – i.e. your thoughts, words, feelings, behaviour and actions. Recognise negative thoughts, challenge and replace them with positive ones.
  • Be Positive and keep things in perspective – if you grumble that you have no shoes, there are people who have no feet.
  • Find your motivation – what motivates you?
  • Your mindset matters – have an abundance mindset not a limiting mindset – belief in the abundance of possibilities and power to achieve.

3. Recreation

  • Get some fresh air, make use of the outside exercise allowed – once daily
  • Consider indoor workout or garden workout/stretches/activities
  • Do more of the things you enjoy most.
  • Don’t stay glued to the news – too much of the bad news is not healthy for your mind.
  • Spend the spare time indoors/at home bonding with your immediate family – by playing games, carrying out activities together and finding out how well you know each other.
  • Create ‘Me time’ – be aware of factors that give you energy and those that drain you of energy.
  • Pay attention to your sleep hygiene and ensure you keep a healthy lifestyle – exercise, healthy eating, looking after your body.
  • Rest – read, relax, recharge, re-energise and refresh; this would help your thinking and the way you see things.

4. Refuge

  • Refuge – a place providing safety or shelter from danger or distress.
  • Take refuge in God – Psalm 91
  • God is our refuge and strength, our very present help in time of trouble. Psalm 46:1
  • God is our shield, covering, stability and foundation.
  • Use the time to pray, praise, worship God, and meditate more on God’s word.
  • Meditate on positive and good report – Philippians 4:8
  • Focus on God’s Promises – declare them, speak them over your life and family, prophesy them.
  • Find new ways of fellowship – Zoom meetings etc to help build your Spiritual strength.

5. Reassurance and Reaching out

  • Support others – neighbours, family, friends etc who need help if you are able to e.g. a phone call, text message etc, can go a long way to lift someone else.
  • God can make happen for you what you make happen for others.
  • Pay attention to children and young ones, listen to them and be sensitive to their feelings
  • Make regular contact with children – don’t leave them to their own devices
  • Create new routines and engage your family positively in what’s going on.

A Balanced Life

This means considering all aspects of life – Emotional, Physical/Health, Financial, Psychological, Social, Mental, Spiritual and Social/Relationships.

No one gets it all together all of the time but considering the 5 points above will help us to remain upright and steady most times; and we will become stronger, wiser and better at the end of this season.

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