I am Ayoola Kaffo

▶️ What I do

I help with personal growth and development; by encouraging and empowering individuals to maximise their full potential so they can live a fulfilled life.

▶️ Why I do it 

I believe life is about growth and thriving. I am passionate about encouraging and empowering people who desire growth and development in all aspects of life. I am also passionate about sharing, equipping and empowering others so they can take action and live life to the fullest; and be all God has created them to be, have and do.

▶️ How I do it

Through writing –  books and blog and speaking events; clients receive information, tips and practical ‘know hows’ needed to take action, that will start them off in the direction of achieving their goals, and experiencing growth, development and improvement.

▶️ Why it works

By following the 3 Ps ( Proactive, Positive and Passionate) and real life examples of strategies, tips and tools that have worked for me with positive results. Through my story, my journey and with my unique writing skills and style; I have over the past 13 years been able to motivate and inspire all those who have access to my books and blog and those who have listened to my talks. 

▶️ Services I Provide 

Blogging – thesuccessfeed.com

Speaking Engagements

Content Writing

Book Reviews

Published Author

  1. Enjoy Today – A daily motivational book – published on 24 Oct 2017
  2. Live Life Lively – A to Z of health and success – 10 Oct 2017
  3. Enjoy Today – Vol 2 – 19 February 2018 
  4. Your Relationship with work – 29 February 2020 
  5. Enjoy Today – A Diary and Gratitude Journal – 01 December 2020

▶️ What others say

Some of the comments from blog posts 

Awesome write up. It is spirit lifting and encouraging. Another brilliant one, Ayoola. You remain a blessing.” 

This is a message we all need.”

“My dear Ayola, thank you for this presentation.

I was thoroughly inspired by your approach to our current situation.

I had to post on FB for my contacts to read, enjoy and learn.

May God in his goodness continue to bless your ministry.”

▶️ Where you have seen me/Features

Arize, PassionTV

Amazon Author Central


Featured in Human Window – article on Morning Routine – October 2020.

Featured in Human Window – article on work from home – November 2020

Featured in Morning Lazziness – article published on Morning Motivation – December 2020.

Featured in Morning Lazziness – article published on Daily Bedtime Habits for Sound Sleep – January 2021

▶️ Other interests 

Reading, travel and exploring 

Connect with me on Twitter @MamaKaffo