I am Ayoola Kaffo

▶️ What I do

Inspiring others to live better and happier lives through daily consistent better habits, gratitude, work-life balance and positivity.

▶️ Why I do it 

I believe life is about growth and thriving. I am passionate about personal growth and development; and keen about inspiring others to be all God has created them to be, have and do.

▶️ How I do it

Through writing –  books, blog and speaking events. I provide information, tips and practical ‘know hows’ needed to inspire individuals to take action to achieve their goals; and experience growth, development and improvement.

▶️ Why it works

Being Proactive, Positive and Passionate is the key for growth and development. I share real life examples of strategies, tips and tools that have worked for me with positive results. Through my story, my journey and with my unique writing skills and style; I have over so many years been able to motivate and inspire all those who access my books, blog and talks. 

▶️ Services I Provide 

Blogging – thesuccessfeed.com

Speaking Engagements

Content Writing

Book Reviews

Published Author

  1. Enjoy Today – A daily motivational book – published on 24 Oct 2017
  2. Live Life Lively – A to Z of health and success – 10 Oct 2017
  3. Enjoy Today – Vol 2 – 19 February 2018 
  4. Your Relationship with work – 29 February 2020 
  5. Enjoy Today – A Diary and Gratitude Journal – 01 December 2020

▶️ What others say

Some of the comments from blog posts 

Awesome write up. It is spirit lifting and encouraging. Another brilliant one, Ayoola. You remain a blessing.” 

This is a message we all need.”

“My dear Ayola, thank you for this presentation.

I was thoroughly inspired by your approach to our current situation.

I had to post on FB for my contacts to read, enjoy and learn.

May God in his goodness continue to bless your ministry.”

▶️ Where you have seen me/Features

Arize, PassionTV

Amazon Author Central


Featured in Human Window – article on Morning Routine – October 2020.

Featured in Human Window – article on work from home – November 2020

Featured in Morning Lazziness – article published on Morning Motivation – December 2020.

Featured in Morning Lazziness – article published on Daily Bedtime Habits for Sound Sleep – January 2021

Featured in Morning Lazziness – article published on 6 things failure can teach you to help you succeed – March 2021

▶️ Other interests 

Reading, travel and exploring 

Connect with me on Twitter @MamaKaffo