Book Review – Life: A Mystery Solved, Strongly Recommended Book.

Book Review: Life A Mystery Solved
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Book Review of ‘Life: A Mystery Solved’.

Life: A Mystery Solved by Ziri Dafranchi

This blog is a book review of Life: A Mystery Solved; it highlights the message of the book, what I have learnt from reading this amazing book and my personal opinion of my reading experience.

The Beginning of the Book Review

I had already started with my book of the month by the time I received this book as a gift from my husband on 10 April 2021. This book came looking for me, it was an unexpected gift.
My plan as I admired the book was to start it in a few weeks time after completing the current book I was reading.

I opened the book, glanced through the table of contents and preface; and I got hooked immediately.
In a matter of minutes I read up to page 13 and started taking notes. The book is so captivating, interesting and intriguing.

The Middle

I had to adjust my planner and schedule for the following week w/c 12 April 2021 to accommodate reading of this book. I then set out on a journey to read a bit every day and completed the 227 page book 2 weeks later.

Life: A Mystery Solved is a unique book with an extremely relevant and deep message.

I had a great reading experience and enjoyed each and every section.
The reflective questions poised throughout the book are really thought provoking and soul searching, allowing the mind to think freely and independently without external influences as recommended in chapter 6.

In all my years of reading, I have never come across such a book with powerful reflective questioning approach and style as such as this one.

This book spoke to me and I am sure it will speak to you too. Unlike most books I have read, the message here is conveyed in such a simple but profound and impressive way. So much so that it will grab your attention and stop you in your tracks.

There must be a reason why this book has come into my life at this time; and as the book itself confirms – everything happens for a reason.

I was eager to learn and discover the nuggets hidden in this book, but it’s not a book you rush through. Every word is weighty, every sentence and phrase is loaded and every chapter is golden!

What’s the message of the book?

This book is loaded with nuggets of wisdom, listed below is a few that stood out for me.

  1. Ziri expands on ‘life as a journey’ in so much detail and explains extensively findings and discoveries to help shape your understanding and perception of life.
  2. Life is everlasting: from earth to eternity – eternal bliss or eternal condemnation. The soul carries on to eternity, based on how we have lived on earth.
  3. The life you have lived so far is the one you have chosen – a choice possibly influenced by external factors.
  4. Your life could be better by making new choices – with You as the main influence – The real you!
  5. Only the real you can live the life you were created to live; with a free mind, accepting your unique person, to be purpose-driven (driven by the purpose of your creation), love unconditionally, a living spirit – one connected to God.
  6. Only by living the life you were created to live would you find fulfilment.
  7. You are a spiritual being. The human spirit is the hub to which all the other aspects of life are connected. The human spirit is also the driving force of life.

What I learnt from this book

There is so much to learn from this book. I wish I could share all I have read here. It’s a book for everyone, no matter your age or stage in life. What stood out for me however, is what this blog is about but it may be something else or different that captures your attention when you read the book.

I love how purpose (why you are) and identity (who you are) is explained in detail. Oh wow!
“the who we are is largely determined by the why we are” – Ziri Dafranchi.

The main ‘take home points’ from this book:

  1. You can’t do life without God – your creator. God made us for a purpose and He knows everything about us.
  2. The reason for which God created you is why God made you the person you are.
  3. To accomplish purpose and identify, you need to look inwards – to self and not outwards – to others.
  4. It is possible to complete ones natural existence without fulfilling the reasons for being born.
  5. Be circumspect; carefully considering every action.

The End of the Book Review

To conclude, I say life is a mystery; but to be divinely guided through life by God the creator who is all-powerful, all-knowing and by a God who is continuously and simultaneously present everywhere and all the time is the beauty of life’s mystery.

To capture all that this book has to offer on the subject of self-discovery and life, I strongly recommend this book – Life: A Mystery solved by Ziri Dafranchi.

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