Creativity – The 6 important i’s you need for your best creative work.


Human beings are creative beings

Creativity is a quality that exists in each one of us.

However, not everyone is aware that they are creative and not everyone uses or develops their creative ability.

Some people think only geniuses are creative.

Creativity has to expressed or seen through the work you do i.e. product, service, content, art, music, poetry, sports etc.

Yes, we are creative; but it’s important to see what you are creating and how it is impacting lives or others positively. This requires that you work on your ability to create to bring out the creativity in you.

Listed below are 6 important things you need for creativity and to do your best creative work:


Your individuality is the core of your creative nature.

You can be creative in everything you do.

How? Just be you, do you and always show up as you.

Authenticity and individuality is what makes creativity amazing.


Ideas and thoughts are the starting point for all creativity. Whatever ideas you may have for making this world a better place; don’t box them and don’t bury your ideas and dreams.

Nurture your ideas and work with it and work it through.


An insightful person looks at a situation or thing and sees what others are not seeing. It is often referred to as an ‘aha moment’, the sixth sense or intuition.

Insight results in creative solutions; and is a bonus for creative work.

One of the main ways to develop insights is to connect with your intuitive being.


Get clear on your intention.

You must state your intention for what you want to accomplish.

Write it down, speak it, feel it and be it. It’s such an empowering process for creativity and manifesting.


Inspiration involves the stirring of the soul to do something that affects the lives of others positively.

An inspired person is empowered from within to take action and do better or more than they are currently doing.

Inspiration is essential for creativity, it can get you started, keep you going and spur you on. It allows you to operate with the right energy for impact and purpose.


You can create anything you imagine.

I remember the lyrics of an old song says- imagination takes you high, on top of the world. It does!

Imagination is crucial to creativity, because you cannot hit a target you can’t see. You already have the imaginative faculty of your mind, use it.

For creativity – Start where you are

Creativity is not limited to the greatest inventors and innovators in history. You are a creative being!

Start where you are with what you have. This in itself is creativity in action!

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  1. Thank you for encouraging us and stirring our gifts to be creative. God created us in His creative image to take dominion and be co-workers with Him. We ask for More Grace to do His will. Love you sis 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾More oil and anointing up your sleeves sis

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