Faith or Fear?

Faith or Fear
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How are you responding to the current global situation?

Are you Fearful or ‘Faithful’ i.e full of faith or full of fear.
It is important that you respond rightly to what’s going on in the world and in your world right now.

News and updates of what’s happening all over the world is flying from all directions.

I’m telling you it can be challenging to be present and productive in light of what’s going on globally at this present time.

Unpleasant News

It seems that there is unpleasant news everywhere.

Uncertainty and fear is gripping the minds of many.
The start and spread of the corona virus (covid-19) from December 2019 seems to have made a lot of people to shift focus.

My heart felt prayers goes out to all the families and friends of all those who have lost loved ones to covid-19. I pray for comfort and fortitude to bear the loss.

I want to encourage myself and I want to encourage you not to give in to fear, but to be filled with faith and hope; and remain focused on who we are and what we are.

Back to Basics

Do what’s necessary – follow the government and public health guidance and take all precautionary measures advised.

Practice all the basic general hygiene.

Wash your hands regularly, this is the now the order of the day and the popular saying during these recent weeks.

The simple and basic things are usually the most effective and powerful, so let’s go back to basics.


In addition to this, let’s remind ourselves of a few things:

We were reminded during the church service today that:

What we believe is important to what will happen.

The level of our belief does makes a difference.

God has power over every disease and illness.

We must rebuke diseases and declare life and health over our lives and bodies.

Speak life and health, healing and wellness over our lives and that of our families, neighbourhood and nation.

Focus on the peace and power of God.

A to Z Guide

I have put together an A to Z guide to help during challenging times like these.


Alert and not afraid

Bold and not bothered

Calm and not confused

Decisive not divided

Empowered not enslaved

Filled with faith not fear.

Grateful not grumpy

Hopeful not hysterical

Insightful not insensitive

Joyful not judgemental

Kind to others and kindhearted

Lively not lost or lonely

Mindful not mindless

Nice to your neighbours not nasty

Optimistic not overwhelmed

Prayerful not panicky

Quieten your mind not quiver

Relaxed not restless

Strong not shaking

Trusting in God not terrified

Understanding not unforgiving

Very present not very troubled

Wise not worried

Xtra careful not xtravagant

Yippee not yelling

Zealous not zero.

Choose Faith not Fear

Fear, anxiety and worry gets us nowhere.

Crosswalk – Overcome fear with calming scriptures – Bible verses for anxiety and worry.

Fear is powerful and will take over your life if you allow it.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind” – 2 Timothy 1: 7

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