How are you doing?

How are you doing?

We are now into the second month of the new year.

The year although still new, it’s worth at this stage asking yourself the question – ‘how are you doing?’; or is it, ‘how am I doing’?
We are now at a stage where you should check how you are doing so far, and how you are getting on with your plans and actions for the year.

So, How are you doing?

Are you still on track?

Are you on the right path?

Are you doing well so far?
If you appear to be gradually slipping back into old habits or if you have difficulties taking the necessary actions you need to progress; then you need to do something NOW to change that.

You may recollect that we discussed the 5 Ds you need to make a difference in life; let’s now also look at what else you can do to help yourself.

Be accountable to someone

I have recently linked up with a friend who is also reading the Bible in one year (BIOY).

We agreed to have weekly reviews of our progress.

Now I have no choice but to daily go through the readings/ passages for each day. You too can hookup with someone to be accountable to or people that will challenge you to take consistent action, such as a study or reading buddy, a praying partner, a fitness partner, a library partner etc.

It could be that you need a mentor, a coach, someone to whom you are accountable. Of course, be careful whom you choose.

Make sure it’s someone up to the task. Someone to whom you can make aware of your plans, and own up to if you have not done what you ought to. Someone you agree with to keep updated of your progress on a regular basis.

Be responsible for someone or something

 I believe that being responsible for someone else can make you a more responsible person.

Having the responsibility of looking after someone or caring for someone, or having a particular responsibility or duty can make you more responsible.

You cannot give what you don’t have. If the responsibility to make someone’s life better is placed on you or suddenly depends on you, you will need to better yourself too in order to do so.

Whatever is used to clean something must itself be clean or both will end up dirty.

So one way to better yourself is to get involved in the betterment of someone else’s life.

Just recently I received a message from someone who expressed gratitude for the encouragement that is being received as a result of my posts. The person also informed me of the actions taken so far and asked when I will post my next blog, as this has not been received for a while. I replied that the next one is a few days late but will be posted shortly. I have only started blogging in December 2019 – 2 months ago, and my plan for now is to blog weekly, however, the weekly blog was late.

I had written the content but had some extra activities going on for the past 2 weeks which meant finishing late in the day exhausted.

My book launch is getting closer so I had a few loose ends to tie up, plus the fact that I work full time didn’t leave me with enough time to upload the blog within my weekly time-frame.

The interesting bit is I did not know that someone out there is taking note of my posts and blogs. So when I received that message it was not only encouraging but inspiring, and it challenged me to take my blogging more seriously as there is someone waiting to benefit from my content/ blog.

This is what it means to be responsible to someone or something. I’m sure there are many people who need your support too one way or another via local community projects or through your business.

Be true to yourself

Have a honest conversation with yourself about your self – imposed issues or barriers.

If someone or a friend asks you how you are doing, it is so very easy to respond with the words – “I’m fine”, “I’m ok”.

But this time ask yourself the question and be honest when responding.

The enemy of ‘the best’ is ‘usually ‘the good’.

Don’t settle for the good!

Be frank with yourself and just get up and do it! Feel the fear and do it anyway. Tell yourself ‘I’m going to apply for the job and will go for the interview whether I’m fearful or not’.

Don’t pretend you don’t need help, most of us do.

Don’t cover up your weak areas, we all have weaknesses.

Don’t entertain self-pity and throw a pity party with your past errors, failures and mistakes. Focus instead on lessons learnt and move on.

So how are you doing?

No one will ever be ‘all that’ or ‘all there’.

As for me I am work in progress, but the important thing is I’m progressing.

Are you?

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

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