How are you influencing others?


One of the most important words I know, in my opinion is INFLUENCE.

Because it involves change and transformation either in a good or bad way, and that’s powerful.

I’m not referring to social media influencers, that’s not the area of focus for this blog.

I’m talking about individual influence where follower numbers does not matter. Because whether you know it or not, whether you intend it or not, whether you are aware or not, your actions and words do influence others.

The dictionary definition of influence is:

To have an influence on people or situation means to affect what they do or what happens.

We all have influence.

You can affect people and situations positively or negatively.
And at some point of your life, you have influenced someone or something and you have been influenced by someone or something.

Actually at most times, it’s either you are influencing or being influenced or both.

The question then arises:

Who are you influencing?

What are you influencing?

How are you influencing?

Is it Positive Influence?

It is important to check if your actions, behaviour, character, decisions, and experiences (ABCDE) are having a positive effect on others or a negative effect.

Is it Negative Influence?

What influence are your responses, attitude and words (RAW) having on the people around you.

Is it causing a WAR or REWARD?

What are you influencing with your talents, abilities, skills and knowledge (TASK)?

I read a few years ago about the story of an alcoholic father and his two sons.

The two sons grew into young men.

One became an alcoholic, because all he saw was his father drinking whilst growing up.

The other son never touched alcohol, he said ‘I saw what it did to my father’.

The impact of the father’s behaviour caused a negative effect on one and positive effect on the other. The same father with the same action and behaviour was able to influence two people/ his two sons in two different ways.

We all have influence.
Like it or not, other people look at how you behave and model their lives after you.

To Influence positively, this is what you shouldn’t do:

don’t Complain about yourself or others

don’t Condemn yourself or others

don’t Criticise yourself or others

don’t Compete with yourself or others.

To Influence positively, this is what you should do:

Co-operate with others for good deeds

Commit to doing good

Compliment when necessary

Change negative thoughts /habits to positive ones

Challenge yourself to grow.

So you don’t need to be a social media influencer to have influence, you just need to be You.

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