How to Create Balance During and After Lockdown

Balance and Harmony

4 Ways to Create Balance

This is the perfect time to remind ourselves of those things that would help us achieve balance and harmony in this season.

As we all know lockdown measures was declared in almost all countries and in UK on 23 March 2020 to control COVID-19 pandemic.

How should we respond? See Previous post, or how have we been responding?

To create and maintain Balance, we must be wise.

To be Wise, we must be full of:

  • W: Wisdom, knowledge and understanding
  • I: Inspiration and be impactful
  • S: Spirit of God and spirituality sensitive
  • E: Excellence and Empathy

I believe this is how God wants us to respond during and after this season of imposed lockdown measures.

So Let’s break it down into smaller practical tips.

Wisdom, knowledge and understanding

To be wise means to full of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Understanding times and seasons gives a sense of peace, and a sense of balance.

Every season has its purpose and there is a reason for every season.

We must seek God’s wisdom to help us understand what we should do during each season; as seasons come and seasons go.

The sons of Issachar had understanding of the times, they knew what to do as we see in 1 Chronicles 12:32, and we spent the month of April 2020 looking at this in detail at Hackbridge Assembly.

Some seasons come with pain, uncertainty and challenges; and it’s important to note that just as seasons change, our situations will also change.

If we look at the season we are in now, some people no longer have jobs, others have businesses that have shut down, some are on job retention scheme, some work from home, some had to take a cut in hours and cut in pay.

There are some with health implications, mostly all of us have been affected by the social implications and there are families with young children who are overwhelmed joggling homeschooling with other day to day activities.

Whatever the situation, we must note that it’s not permanent and it’s not forever.

To achieve balance, we must seek God’s wisdom for all the decisions we make each day especially regarding our routine and for developing resilience.

Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore in all your getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7

We need to start each day with God, asking for wisdom, direction, strength and guidance.


So we don’t waste the day and waste our experiences.

This explains why it is needful to have a great morning routine and start the day right.

I believe so much in morning routines as what we do in the mornings especially in the first hour of the day is the key element for how well the day turns out.

Morning routine is crucial and in light of recent lockdown measures, we need to apply flexibility to our routines. We may already note that our pre-lockdown routines no longer fit the lockdown period and routines that we have currently adopted during this lockdown may not be suitable post-lockdown.

So we have to ask ourselves personal questions – what lessons do we learn from the imposed lockdown measures?

What lessons have you learnt from the pandemic situation?

Although this is a global pandemic, it’s effects are personal; as our events, experiences, emotions and exposures are so different.

We must look both within and also look above for guidance.

We need to explore the impact this current season and events of recent times is having on us and is likely to have on us, then adapt or change our routine accordingly so it reflects in our day to day lives.

About 3 weeks into the lockdown, my sister and I were discussing the situation of things and she asked some deep questions which enabled me to specifically address my fears and adjust some aspects of my routine. I was also recently speaking with a friend of mine and we were sharing our experiences, and how our usual ‘normal’ has disappeared and no longer exists.

This I believe is the same for everyone.

Things are evolving and changing and we have to adapt our routines accordingly in line with our understanding of times and seasons through Wisdom from God.

Not only must we know and understand seasons, but we must apply and put into practice what God is saying to us and telling us to do in each season.

I refer to my book where I wrote that having the right perspective as we go through each season of life brings about balance: as we move through the phases – survival, stability, significance and success

Inspiration and impactful

A wise person is full of inspiration and is impactful.

A wise person is blessed to bless

A wise person is blessed to be a blessing.

A wise person should wake up in the morning, lockdown or no lockdown and say ‘Glory to God, I’m alive today. It’s another day for me to inspire and impact somebody’.

But we cannot inspire or make impact if we are constantly run down and burnout, if we are down and out from all the bad stuff that is going on around.

So what can we do to prevent us being down and out, but rather inspired to make impact.

Be motivated – motivation keeps us going when it would be easier to give up.

You need to Find your motivation – what motivates you? What are your motivators?

We need to know what motivates us – we need a strong reason to keep moving forward and upward; we need hope to cope.

Taking time out of our busy lives for Recreation, Rest and Relaxation is essential if we want to be consistently productive.

Do the things you enjoy.

Take part in indoor/ outdoor games and activities, especially with family.

Consider personal, self and spiritual development. It’s only when we refresh and recharge that we can make impact, be creative and insightful.

Be aware of factors that give you energy and those that drain you of it.

We must break away from social media attention and addiction

We must live a healthy lifestyle – consider sleep hygiene, healthy eating and exercise.

We should speak with appropriate people or support group if necessary.

Tap into available resources to help address any specific issues.

We should not stay glued to the news – it’s full of negativity. We only need a bit of it to know what’s going on around us, not all of it.

We must focus on things we can control – i.e. your thoughts, words, feelings, behaviour and actions.

It all starts with our thoughts.

Thoughts become words, words become actions/behaviour, behaviour becomes habit, habit becomes character and character shapes our destiny.

We must get rid of negative thoughts. They are meaningless mind transactions of no value.

Recognise negative thoughts, challenge them and replace them with positive ones.

Remember the serenity prayer – Lord grant me serenity to accept the things I can’t change, courage to change the things I can and wisdom to know the difference.

Keep things in perspective – if we grumble that we have no shoes, there are people who have no feet!

It helps us to appreciate where we are on the way to where you are going.

Phil 4:8 encourages us to mediate on the good.

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.”

It’s important that we keep our minds focused on positive things so we remain sound, sharp, stable, able and capable.

Our mindset also matters – to have an ‘abundance mindset’ not a ‘limiting mindset’

A wise individual believes in the ‘abundance of possibilities’, simply put that means having a ‘I can’ attitude. I do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

A wise person believes in the power to achieve God’s plans and purposes for their life.

Spirit of God and spiritually sensitive

A wise person is full of the Spirit of God and is spiritually sensitive.

A wise person knows and believes that God is always with them regardless of the season that they are in.

There is a great sense of balance and harmony that comes from:

Knowing and believing that God is your Rock

Knowing and believing that God is your refuge-psalm 91

Knowing and believing that God is your refuge and strength, our very present help in time of trouble. Psalm 46:1

Knowing and believing that God is your shield, covering, stability and foundation – Psalm 18:2

And as such we should ‘Fear not’ and ‘let not our hearts be troubled’ but rather talk to God about our concerns and be guided by His Spirit.

This is the season to spend more time in Prayer, Praise, worship, and meditating on God’s word.

We must focus on God’s Promises – declare them, speak them over our lives and family, and prophesy them regularly.

There is power when you declare the word of God: I have set the Lord always before me because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved.

During our recent 3 day praying and fasting session, the Elder who led the exhortation on day 2, said something very profound – “until we speak the word of God it has no power; the word of God becomes active only when we speak it”.

If we really want to experience balance in the real sense of it, this is the time to re-brand spiritually.

The message is – Get down with Christ! i.e seek to be closer to God.

On 1st Jan 2020, I wrote a post – the writing process was so powerful, I was so hyped up in my spirit that day, so convinced that 2020 is the year for definite positive real change. I was inspired to write about how to move forward in 2020 with focus on gratitude, get down with Christ, get off your past and get ready.

We need to re-brand spirituality for where God is taking us – the next season and next level.

God has purposely set this time apart to prepare us for where He is taking us.

Excellence and empathy

A wise person carries excellence and is full of empathy

Reaching out and Reassuring others does not only bring out God’s excellence in us, it brings harmony and peace within us; and it’s refreshingly rewarding.

A wise person supports others – it could be neighbours, family, friends, church members etc anyone who needs help if you are able to e.g. something as simple as a phone call, or text message can go a long way to lift someone else.

A wise person considers others – children, elderly, those vulnerable and less able. There are a lot of people who need extra help or support during this lockdown. Every little helps!

There is a song by William McDowell called Song of intercession and I love its message – “if they are looking for You Lord, let them find You in me”. If they are looking for You Jesus, let them find You in me.

We carry God’s glory, power, anointing, Spirit and Love.

We are called to be an extension of God’s hands here on earth.

By reaching out – to help and support others, God can make happen for you what you make happen for others.

What you do for others, you do to yourself – make sure it’s good things.

It’s the little things that make a big difference. What little things are we doing?

What difference are we making?

You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.

Greatness is determined by service.

A Balanced Life

A balanced life as a whole means considering all aspects of life – Emotional, Physical/Health, Financial, Psychological, Social, Mental, Spiritual and Social/Relationships.

If you neglect your health because of work, if health fails work would neglect you.

We must give each and every aspect of life reasonable attention.

What Next?

Be prepared to be creative

Be prepared for change and continuous change.

Be prepared for the next level.

Be prepared for the next season.

For Balance and Harmony, we must embrace Gods wisdom, so we can remain upright and steady; and we will become stronger, wiser and better at the end of this season.

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