Keep moving towards Success

Keep moving towards success

The first week of the new year 2020 is almost over and its important that we keep moving towards success throughout the year.

We have all made decisions about some things that we want to change.

We are now moving into the second week of the Year 2020.

Everywhere and everyone is buzzing with the excitement of a new year.

Most people are embracing a new start, starting afresh, new year resolutions, new year new me etc..

People tend to be more committed and confident about goals at this time of the year.

Most people are re-committing to regular exercise, gym sessions, various diet regimes and healthy lifestyles in an attempt to become fit and increase fitness levels.

Some are re-dedicating their spiritual life and engaging in regular prayer and focusing more on God.

People everywhere around the world are seizing the opportunity of the new year to ‘begin again’, to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch that thing which is believed would help to move them forward in life.

Some are moving into new homes, some starting new jobs, others starting that business, whilst others enroll on that course they should have done many years ago.

Some people are making a commitment to save money regularly.

Some have decided to move on by breaking up from that relationship they believe to be toxic, tricky and trapped in.

Some have decided to stop that bad habit and addiction that keeps dragging them down.

Some have chosen to be forgiving, letting go of hurt and gaining their freedom back.

All of these actions and decisions have come about because we seek improvement, new change, success and well being.

Some actions are just a one-off event or activity with immediate results realised.

Other actions, however, require on-going regular and consistent actions to take for a good, positive and successful result/outcome at the end of the year or a specified period.

This brings us to the questions below:

How do we maintain progress to ensure we achieve a good outcome?

How do we prevent ourselves from falling back into old habits?

How do we keep up the momentum of enthusiasm and excitement of the new year all through the year?

What other steps do you need to take to succeed?

Let’s look at 3 very important steps to take to help us succeed in our goals.

Whatever goals you have – Spiritual, fitness/physical, relationships, career, social/family, career or financial goals; the same steps apply.

Take the 1st Step

Take the 1st step!

Yes just that. Its the most important, as without it, you cant build momentum.

Mere wishing and getting caught up in the excitement of a new year is not enough to bring about results that you want.

You need to go a step further and take action.

The number one step involves taking the first step.

“A journey of 1000 miles starts with a step”.

Whatever that means for you.

It could be registering on a course or making a phone call.

For me, one of my main goals for 2020 is to read the Bible in one Year.

I took the very 1st step by downloading the app, and on 1st January 2020, I did read the passage for first day

Take the 2nd step

Taking the 1st step and being disciplined enough to take the 2nd step; and carry on taking subsequent steps is the action required to keep you moving towards accomplishing your goals.

On the second day, I took another step, and I did the same again on the 3rd and 4th day. and also on the 5th day. It is the 7th day, I am now on day 7 of a 365 day plan.

Now if I carry on taking the daily steps to complete the action, in 365 days I would have accomplished my goal. Hooray!!!!

As stated by Jim Rohn “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment”

See yourself successful

The 3rd step is about vision.

You need to visualise, see and feel what you want to achieve, i.e. vision.

Having a vision helps you to be focused and to avoid distractions and doubt.

You cannot hit a target you can’t see.

Vision is the moving power towards success.

Four days ago I was quite impressed to see my daughter and her friend spend a few hours of their time creating their vision boards for 2020.

They purchased the boards from a local store called The Works including some writing / drawing materials. They both then went to work designing how they wanted their year 2020 to be.

It had images, statements and quotes, actions, etc. and I can say I was so impressed.

It’s your story, create it.

It’s your destiny, design it

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