Making Sense of it All

Making sense of it all
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Mixed Emotions

The last 2 months has indeed been a roller coaster of mixed emotions and feelings for almost everyone. Trying to remain hopeful and positive in situations such as the one we are going through globally due to COVID-19 impact can be challenging.

It’s necessary to discuss some tips that could help us to remain hopeful and positive despite the challenges.

You don’t know how strong and steadfast you are until you are hit by eventualities.
Despite all, I remind and encourage myself to never ever lose hope.

I want to encourage you to do the same. We need Hope to Cope!

We may not be able to make sense of all what’s happening now but things will unfold and become clear as we continue to do our part.

God can show us what to do and our part involves getting close to God.

You can do that in a variety of ways.

Firstly and most importantly for me is by praying and reading God’s word.

Let me share with you what else I have been doing to help make sense of it all.


I have enjoyed pleasant moments and endured unpleasant moments in life.

I realise that ‘being in the moment’ helps me to keep it all together and not fret. I constantly remind myself that I am here, I am now, I am present, I am in the moment and to be grateful for it.

The awareness of this makes me more grateful and helps me keep things in perspective.


Our moments create memories.

Two days ago as my daughter was tidying, organising and clearing out her room, she came across pictures, some of which were taken as far back as 1997.

We sat together to go through them and the memories came flooding back. Those were great memories created during past events, and during our day to day living many years ago.

It brought tears of joy to my eyes and such overwhelming emotions of joy and happiness. I was so grateful for the opportunity I had at the time to create such wonderful memories.

I paused to ponder upon the things I am doing at this present time/season, and to ask myself if I am creating/building today great memories for tomorrow?

What we do and how we do what we do today is important for our tomorrow.

The choices we make, the decisions we take and the habits we live determine what memories we create for tomorrow.


I love music.

Good music is up-lifting and has great benefits.

I have listened to a lot more of Praise and worship songs – click to see my favourites.

Music has a way of lifting you in a marvellous way. It helps improve imagination, brings cheerfulness, creates happiness, allows joy to flow, and elevates mood.

If I’m not engaged in focused work or activities, my music is always on, everywhere in the house – kitchen, bathroom, living room etc.

The Shekere music series is wonderful to listen to during the day.

DappyTkeys music is relaxing just before bedtime.

There is great music out there to help us make sense of things.

Turn the music on!


With a bit more time on my hands, I have been able to sit and enjoy some inspirational movies. Its amazing what opening up to history, culture, drama and documentaries can do.

I watched a few on Netflix; and what makes it more interesting is watching with family. Nice!


What is motivation?

According to the dictionary, Motivation is ‘having a strong reason to act or accomplish something’.

Inspiration – ‘is a deep rooted passion to do something; you can be inspired by someone or something to make you want to do or achieve something’.

My mission in life motivates me!

From a professional perspective, my mission is encouraging and empowering people to make healthy and safe choices to protect, preserve and promote their health, thereby increasing productivity.

From a personal perspective, encouraging and empowering people I come across to live life lively and make each moment count through gratitude.

From a spiritual perspective, encouraging and empowering people with God’s word to help build their faith and spiritual strength.

From a family/marital perspective, encouraging and empowering my family through committed and consistent service and love.

From a business perspective, encouraging and empowering people through my books and blog.

What motivates you?


As mentioned in my previous post, meditation, affirmations and prayers (MAP) is my main guidance for life.

I do meditation by reading God’s word and praying.

Affirmations is another way of helping me to make sense of things. Click link for affirmations .

What do you meditate on?


I pay attention to what I pay attention to in my mind because one’s mindset and belief systems is linked to outcomes.

Most of what we experience in life is a manifestation of our inner energy, belief and mindset.
I do have doubts, concerns and get anxious sometimes but I don’t believe them, I don’t focus on them and I quickly replace with positive beliefs, thoughts and words.

I bring myself to the present moment and express gratitude for now, focus on the goodness around me rather than the negative; and most importantly trusting God.


I read somewhere that exercise does to the body what reading does to the mind. The role movement plays in creating a strong mind and body is crucial.
I came across Dr Jade Tate’s metabolic renewal workout programme and I have been following this regularly.

The workout includes 3 in 1 exercises – cardio, resistance and fitness training; 15 minutes – x3 times per week; and daily walking.

Movement with consistent exercise helps mental and physical stimulation. Moving more helps one’s fitness levels and encourages a calm mind, strong and healthy mind and body.

Walking daily is absolutely important for me, it helps clear my mind whilst also reducing cortisol – the stress hormone.


Why am I here?

I found the answer to this question after I attended the Alpha course and I summarise my findings below:

We are created to fellowship with God through Jesus Christ who gives freedom, meaning and purpose and through the Holy Spirit who helps in our daily walk with God, with forgiveness and reveals God to us as I read the Bible and pray daily; to be equipped and empowered to share Jesus with others, to serve and to help building Gods kingdom on earth through the church.

The key points above is what’s helping me during these difficult uncertain times.

I hope this encourages you to cope or find your own way of coping.

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6 thoughts on “Making Sense of it All

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this feed. Ayo you’re a great encouragement in these seasons of waiting for our beloved bridegroom ??
    Working from home surely works for me even more after these words of wisdom ??

  2. This was so inspiring to read. I love the way you talked about living in the moment. Us humans tend to worry a lot about the future.The Lord says in Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. Thank you keep inspiring ??

  3. My dear Ayola, thank you for this presentation.
    I was thoroughly inspired by your approach to our current situation.
    I had to post on FB for my contacts to read, enjoy and learn.
    May God in his goodness continue to bless your ministry

  4. Another excellent piece with lots of ‘gold nugget links‘ too – fantastic!! I so enjoy your blogs sis. Thank you!!

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