My favourite songs

My Favourite Songs

Write up on the titles of my favourite songs

Each phrase or sentence below is the title of a song, with the name of the artists listed.

Be blessed as you listen.

Dear God, It’s all about you.

I never would have made it without you because you came for someone like me. Great is Your mercy towards me. You have done so much for me I can not tell it all (Nara).

I’m speechless when I think of My testimony I give all of me because I’m nothing without you. I know you will do it Lord because you are God alone; I bow down and worship you and I give myself away.

Thank You Lord, you see the best in me and I’m gonna be ready for you to draw me closer and wrap me in your arms.

I love your place of worship even when we ain’t in church, I respond as you draw me close to you and I let go and let God for You made a way and you are here.

This God is too good, Jehova is your name, He is Alagbada ina, onise iyanu, and way maker.

You are Holy and no one else can compare to you.

Thank You (Imelda), You love me and I’m grateful. He has his hands on you so Let the church say Amen.

The Artists of the songs

Be blessed – Yolanda Adams

Listen – Marvin Sapp

Dear God – Smokie Norful

All about you – Anita Wilson

Never would have made – Marvin sapp

You came for someone like me – Dr Tumi

Great is your mercy – Donnie McClurkin

Nara – Tim Godfrey ft Travis Greene

Speechless – Anita Wilson

My Testimony – Marvin Sapp

All of me – Dr Tumi

Nothing without you – Dr Tumi

Do it Lord – Benjamin Dube ft Jekalyn Carr

You are God alone – William McDowell

Bow down and worship – Benjamin Dube

I give myself away – William McDowell

Thank You – Dube brothers

The best in me – Marvin Sapp

I’m gonna be ready – Yolanda Adams

Closer/Wrap me in your arms – William McDowell

Place of worship – William McDowell

We ain’t in church – William Murphy

Respond – Travis Greene

Draw me close to you/ Thy will be done – Marvin Winans

Let go – DeWayne Woods

Made a way – Travis Greene

You are here – Dr Tumi

This God is too good – Nathaniel Bassey

Jehova is Your name – Ntokozo Mbambo

Alagbada ina – Nathaniel Bassey

Onise Iyanu – Nathaniel Bassey

Way maker – Sinach

Holy – Charles Dada

Imelda – Nathaniel Bassey feat Enitan Adana

You love me – Benjamin Dube ft Dr Tumi & Unathi Mzekeli

I’m grateful – Yolanda Adams

He has His hands on you – Marvin Sapp

Let the church say Amen – Andrea Crouch ft Marvin Winans.

My Favourite songs

I hope you enjoy these powerful songs as much as a I do.


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