Ready for the Next Level?

Ready for the next level?

Are you ready for the next level? This was the question I asked myself about 4 weeks ago, what next?

What now and where do I go from here?

Deep within me, I sensed that I should be doing more but I did not know what or how, even though a part of me felt that I am doing so well.

I have been writing blog posts, I have had 2 speaking engagements already for 2020 with one pending. The feedback from the 2 talks have been encouraging.

On the book front, all glory to God, the launch of my 4th book went well on 01 March 2020 just before lockdown measures were imposed due to COVID-19. I was pleased with the way things are turning out.

But out of nowhere, came the feeling that something did not feel right; and that question did not go away for a while – ‘what next?’


I slept on it, I talked to God and prayed about it.

The events that unfolded a few days after was astonishing.

06 July 2020 – I came across the e-flier for a 2 day women’s event, The 3rd Annual Reinvent You Experience– online summit due to take place on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 July 2020. An event organised by Dr Zina Arinze, Founder, Reinvention Strategist and Personal Effectiveness Coach. It jumped at me and my thoughts was to attend.

I decided to register but to my surprise it required a $20 fee. I thought to myself, why is it necessary to charge for an online event and it did cross my mind at the time to opt out.

The more I read the details of each session/ talk, the topics, the bio of the 11 speakers; the more I was drawn to it.

I registered, paid the $20 on 07 July 2020; and was ready on 10 July 2020 with my notebook and pen.

Logging onto the session was not straight forward and that took 40 minutes of trying and trying and trying. I did not give up, I was determined to get through and with support from someone else I made it.
I enjoyed all the 4 talks/ sessions on 10 July 2020 and I learnt so much. It was the best $20 I have ever spent. It was worth every penny or cent and there was more the next day – 11 July 2020.

7 speakers presented the following day and if I thought I had it all the day before, the following day was supercharged and powerful. The energy, the connection and the openness was awesome. The speakers were visionaries, leaders, Specialists, entrepreneurs, women who walked their talk, and knew where they were heading.

Learning so much from the 2 days was just enough for me and I was ready to sit back, reflect on what I have learnt and see where it takes me. Having heard various messages, the journey and personal stories of 11 different speakers I knew for sure I have a long way to go in terms of development, reach and influence.

One of the speakers – Michelle Raymond, Founder – The People’s Partner, an HR Consultant, Business Consultant and Visibility Strategist has mentioned during her talk about the ‘right to be heard’ and was giving free tickets to join a 5 day profile builder challenge due to start 2 days later on 13 July 2020. I wrote it down on my notepad, toyed with the idea of joining and decided to check it out later.

I’m glad I did because from then on, a whole new world of opportunities and information have opened up to me!

The Journey

Let me take me you on the journey.

I clicked on the link for more details of the challenge and I was convinced it was right for me so I registered to join. I was nervous but kept going.

I received a welcome message on my phone and Email from Simone from GTeX thanking me for registering.

I was told that all the training for free ticket holders is broadcasted in the Facebook group, which meant I have to join Facebook!
Ok, hold on now. I don’t do Facebook. No I don’t want to create a Facebook account. No I do not like Facebook. No I don’t need Facebook.

All these emotions started to emerge and those who know me, know that me and Facebook don’t go. Here’s another excuse for me to stop and opt out.

The internal battle began, discussions with my husband and daughter ensued; encouraging messages from Simone continued offering an alternative option but not quite what I preferred.

I talked it through with my husband and I had to conquer my fears and get onto Facebook for the sole purpose of the #profilebuilderchallenge.

So on 12 July 2020, I opened a Facebook account just in time for the welcome party at 4pm live on the Facebook group. It was exciting and there was about 155 people on the challenge.

Michelle Raymond and Simone Vincenzi and the GTeX team were great hosts, beaming with dedication, and loading us with relevant information to get started, what to expect, the homework and exercises, the structure for the days ahead. The interaction from others was lively, supportive and energetic.

I attended all sessions of the 5 days from 13 July 2020. After Day 1, I shared it with a friend of similar interests as I could not keep this all to myself. It was absolutely awesome!

The Results

At the time of writing on 19 July 2020; I have successfully completed the 5 days. The team also included extra 3 bonus days which I am eager to be a part of.

I learnt about the importance of having a positional statements and having a clear message, how to create an attractive profile, publications hit list, outreach etc. I am so ready for the next level.

In just 1 week of joining the profile builder challenge, this is how it’s impacted me:

  1. I joined Facebook – not a big deal you say, but for me it is. I was able to break free from a limiting belief.
  2. I fine tuned my message and clarified my message. The starting point is the message you are putting out there. This process enabled me to better understand my message, who I represent, what I stand for, and what conversations I want to be a part of going forward. This was such an empowering process. I loved it!
  3. I created and refined my profile and bio on my website and platforms. This process was possible by learning the 4 aspects to creating an attractive profile.
  4. I started to connect with people on the group, also connecting with people who have the same niche as mine and who are reaching a wider audience; i.e. the right people.
  5. I now have knowledge of where to look for features and niche publications; and how to access platforms for guest blogging – an important aspect of what I want to do.
  6. I reached 102 followers on Twitter; I went from 83 on Thursday 16 July 2020 to 102 on Friday 17 July 2020 after completing Day 4 homework. Again not such a big deal for many but allow me to celebrate my small wins.
  7. Over the past 2 weeks I have gained confidence, clarity and courage as I take steps daily in moving me to the next level.

Steps to the next level

To summarise what I have learnt so far from this experience and events mentioned above I will start by saying that you can only move to the next level when you are ready for it.

There is a readiness that precedes the next level. Are you ready for the next level or the next phase of your life?

You must take the appropriate steps.
Each step you take will lead you to the right spot and equip you for the next step.

I have learnt that moving to the next level involves 3 important steps:


It’s important that you have the right conversations with yourself, about what you are doing and where you are heading. Listen to your inner self and trust the process of self-discovery.

I had reasons to give up or opt out at the initial stages of this process. If I opted out of the online summit just because of $20, I would have missed the opportunity to connect with Michelle Raymond and there would have been no profile builder challenge for me.

I could have given up when I encountered difficulties logging on for 40 minutes and that will just end there. Nothing more, no message.

Karmin Harbibi stated that “every level up will demand a new version of you.”


The people you associate with and connect with, including the environment in which you interact will determine to a large extent how far you go and where you end up.

When you connect with the right people, you are certain to head in the right direction.

The importance of association and the power of association cannot be over emphasised. It can build you or break you!


One of the most important factors in moving to the next level after the decision is made, is commitment.

You have to commit yourself to the work involved. It will involve time, effort, energy, sometimes money and discipline.

The last 2 weeks has been one of the busiest weeks I have had this year. I had to sacrifice sleep daily to research and get home work done for the profile builder challenge, familiarise myself with new technology, in addition to my already packed days.

I was however committed to it and to my purpose, and ready for the next level.

The Journey Continues

Are you ready for the next level?

We are all called to share with the world and make impact.

For me that means stepping up to the challenge of gaining more visibility in order to make more impact, more influence, and reach a wider audience.

What’s yours?

Are you ready for the next level?

Make a decision to move forward and upward but most importantly, commit to to taking action.

The journey continues and I know by God’s Grace it’s only upward and forward, bigger and better from now.

Photo by Martin Damboldt from Pexels

One thought on “Ready for the Next Level?

  1. Dear Ayola….Thank you for this information
    This will certainly propel me to the next level in my new business.
    As you are aware, my business is fairly new and I had reached a point whereby I needed a “push”
    Reading your blog is exactly what I needed.
    Yes I can now confidently look forward to the next level and work consistently to achieve my goal.Thank you for your commitment to Self Development and life progression.
    May God continue to bless everything that you lay your hands upon.
    May he go before you making your paths clear and straight.
    I pray that your writing and your motivational speaking goes from strength to strength, victory to victory and glory to glory.
    This I pray in the mighty name of Jesus.
    Amen and Amen.

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