12 Simple Tips for Working Remotely

Simple tips for working remotely
Work-Life Balance

If you are finding remote working challenging, I have listed below 12 Simple tips for working remotely – to help you stay focused whilst working from home.

1. Have a dedicated workspace in your home for work activities. This helps you separate your work self from your private self. It helps your brain link that space with work.

2. Pack away your laptop and work materials away at the end of each working day, if you don’t have a separate study and work from your kitchen table or living room. Again, this will help you separate your work self and private/personal self. See how to split work time from downtime.

3. Use your mornings well. Wake up before work start time to plan and prepare for the day ahead. Get into a morning routine that serves you well. Set your work start and finish time.

4. Have a daily schedule, include short walks during lunch break, or whenever suitable for you. Spice up your break time – Spend 15 minutes to sit in the garden, read a book, listen to light music, go for a walk, wash the dishes etc.

5. Discuss flexible working arrangement with your employer or manager, if your current situation demands this e.g for child care or family reasons. Raise and concerns with your manager.

6. Connect with your team, manager, mentor, coach, or business colleague for daily or regular check-ins and updates.

7. Don’t skip meals. Take your meals – breakfast and lunch break away from your work desk or work area. Hydrate regularly – drink plenty of water.

8. Ensure you adopt and maintain proper posture. Use an adjustable ergonomic chair, ensure workstation is correctly set-up to prevent discomfort and musculo-skeletal issues.

9. Take regular postural breaks, e.g. stand up and stretch/ move as often as you can. Walk around whenever you can e.g. when on a business or work call.

10. Avoid distractions such as the news, TV, personal calls and social media during work time. Make sure your work area is organised and tidy, consider natural lighting.

11. After work time, engage in non-work related activity or spend time with family either for a game of scrabble or quiz etc.

12. Aim for early bed time, for good quality sleep to wake up refresh and recharged the next day.

These listed 12 simple tips for working remotely have helped me and I believe they could help you too.

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