What 2020 has taught me

What 2020 has taught me

Lessons Learned in 2020 

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  1. Life is a delicate gift, that should not be taken for granted.
  2. 2020 has taught me what life is really all about – gratitude, giving, loving and learning.
  3. I am no better than those who did not survive the 2020 pandemic and pitfalls; it’s only by God’s grace and mercy.
  4. My breath and health is the most important thing of my life. Health is indeed Wealth. Taking care of both physical and mental health is important.
  5. 2020 brought me a joyful birthday – leap year birth date – 29/02/20 was on the calendar.
  6. 2020 taught me to appreciate more the things I have, to appreciate life more and show more appreciation.
  7. 2020 showed me that in spite of the obscurity, there were good opportunities. 
  8. 2020 forced me to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life 
  9. In 2020 I had to get my priorities right and put first things first.
  10. 2020 taught me how important relationships are and to value real relationships. Relationships matter far more than money.

2020 Review, Results and Reflection. 

  1. Key decisions were made in 2020. This taught me that how I choose is important.
  2. I have come to understand fully that what’s mostly important is the memories we create (experiences), what we accomplish with what God has given us (achievements), building and maintaining connections, firstly with God (relationships) and the people in our lives; and finally making a positive impact (contribution) to the world in my own little way.
  3. 2020 made me believe and understand that God is always working and moving in every situation.
  4. 2020 provided me with opportunities to give. I am grateful I took some of the opportunities and gave love, time, effort, and money. I have also received favour by Gods grace in places I least expected. 
  5. From September, I employed the services of a personal trainer AJ, and started working out consistently and regularly x3 per week.
  6. I am grateful to God for my small wins and 2020 Results –  (engagement, exposure and events) 4 speaking events (April, June, August and September), 3 Published articles; 20 blog posts and 2 published books ( January and December).

In Summary

Maybe health isn’t everything, but everything without health becomes nothing” – Arthur Schopenhauer. 

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12 thoughts on “What 2020 has taught me

  1. Well done Mama Kaffo you are such an inspiration to the body of Christ and to people who want to arise and shine. Stay strong, victorious and blessed. Our redeemer liveth. God bless you sis you are one in a million. Love you dearly 💕🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Thank you for changing lives sis especially mine I am so inspired by your faith 🙏🏾🙏🏾 Psalm 34 is your portion 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  2. Very powerful inspiration.
    To value life. Putting first thing first.
    Thank you so much Sister Kaffo.
    May God continue to give you wisdom.
    You are a 🌟

  3. Very inspirational & encouraging piece. Great experience and some good lessons learnt. More grace more grease to your elbow. Thank you Sis Kaafo🤗

  4. Your writings never disappoint. I’m always so inspired, so motivated, so encouraged – so blessed. Thank you @Mamakaffo for your ministry and obedience.

  5. Your sharing has always been a blessing to me, and l am grateful to God for such a powerful gift He blessed you with. Keep on doing the good work till our saviour returns. More anointing IJN.

  6. Your commitment is always an inspiration for me. I strive to follow your teachings every day and I know I fall short but you always encourage me to try again the next day. Thank you for sharing your gifts Ayoola 🙏

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