What does work mean to you?

What does work mean to you?
Work-Life Balance

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As I prepare to launch my new book – ‘Your Relationship with Work’ in 2 days time on my birthday 29 February 2020, I look at how we can relate rightly in our daily work, and also provide a sneak peek of the book – Your Relationship with Work’.

What ideas do you hold about work?

My daughter’s take on work as she woke up one morning and I quote “I feel like I’m being punished”.

Her feeling of tiredness at the time due to a restless night formed the basis of her opinion about work then. So I caught her at a different moment and she said’ mum, you know I love what I do”.

My husband sees work as the link between survival and living. He dutifully and conscientiously carry out his duties and finds fulfilment in the ability to provide for his family.

For me, work is necessary; it’s a good thing as I am able to bring meaning and purpose to work.

The ideas you hold about work will shape how you respond to your work. If you are in a job that does not reflect your ideas and values, you may not find it truly satisfying.

Some people see work as an opportunity to connect with people.Some people love work and some people dread it.

At some point of our lives, we would all experience different feelings and ideas about work.

Work has not always presented me with wonderful experiences. In some of my past jobs, I have been betrayed, bypassed for promotion, taken advantage of and misinterpreted.

I have equally enjoyed wonderful moments and experiences at work, despite the challenges.

Do you love your work?

My new book – Your relationship with work’ looks at the 5 A’s – Approach, Attitude, Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Achievement as the important factors you need to embrace for an enjoyable and fulfilling work life. Grab your copy via amazon

What’s great about your work is that you are serving humanity and contributing to society. You can also contribute in other ways to the good of humanity in addition to your usual job, by using your talents, gifts and skills and serving in your area of interest.

A sense of purpose is usually achieved not when you make the most money but the most impact. My opinion.

The wonderful world of work

Whether you believe it or not, you and your work have a relationship.

How possible is that?
Because you spend so much time together.
According to research, we spend 2/3 of our adult lives working – i.e. at work – in a workplace – doing work activities.
So it’s ironic that we spend that much of our time with work and at work, and not consider that there is a ‘relationship’ going on!

Of course, there is something going on between you and your work. You are in a relationship with your work. In view of this, it’s important therefore that we treat work as a relationship.

First ask yourself, are you in it mainly for what you can get or what you can give?
Your answer to this question will determine the direction in which your relationship goes – satisfying and rewarding or unsatisfying and unrewarding.

The book – ‘Your relationship with work’ addresses the following questions.

How can I enjoy my work relationship?

How can I develop and maintain the right relationship with work?

How can I receive rest from the pressures of working life?

Your Relationship with Work

Having God at the centre of any relationship provides enormous strength.

That’s what having the right relationship with work is all about.

I believe if you love your work, your work will love you back.
Most importantly, understand that although work is important, it’s not more important than other aspects of life.

You should give appropriate attention to other areas of your life. Balance is key!

As the philosopher Goethe put it, ‘Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.’

Find something that takes you away from working all day long.

Rescue yourself yourself from burnout because no one else will.

Success at work, wealth, riches and fame are of little value if you do not have peace. Peace comes from a right relationship, firstly a right relationship with God, right priorities and relating rightly with work.

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